The Design School in Sustainable Transition

Being a design school in sustainable transitions, we are as educators, researchers, and designers in a constant dialogue – with ourselves, our students and collaboration partners outside Design School Kolding, about the challenges designers meet in this transition.

In the Summer of 2020, we at the Lab for Sustainability and Design began to articulate this dialogue through project examples from the lab to establish a common understanding of challenges in the field of sustainability and design and the designer’s role in meeting these challenges. 

As a part of this initiative, we have held collaborative presentation seminars, reading circles and shared writing which has been the means for having discussions and forming our core values and lab strategy. This has resulted in a collection of texts meant to open for considerations and perspectives of being in sustainable transitions.

This effort has yielded two outcomes: A collection of contributions, each addressing the challenging question of how to approach design in sustainable transitions, and a strategy for our work in the Lab for Sustainability and Design. Altogether they represent four themes that connect the texts across individual focus. These themes called Designer Life, Everyday Life, Organisational Life, and Material Life may be useful to unfold further discussions. 

We encourage you to join the dialogue,

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