Mending Concepts

Mending workshop at Climate Summit in Middelfart [Klimafolkemødet] 2021

The project Mending Concepts is about gaining knowledge of mending practices. I address an alternative present and future of fashion by using design to make mending an activity in fashion that may cultivate other interests than the dominant market-driven fashion. In doing so we engage with mending in a co-explorative study with participants. Here we use design to develop a series of artifacts to facilitate this exploration in mending workshops.

Working with this research project, we have asked ourselves – can we design engagements with mending? And by exploring mending concepts, we have illustrated how design may contribute to mending practices. Yet as we consider our contribution a drop in the ocean, we would like to start seeing other drops. So, heads-up to open your wardrobe, find a garment to mend, embrace imperfection, and start your exciting multifaceted mending journey.

Iryna and Louise

Find out more about Mending Concepts; the development and use of design artifacts and the co-explorative workshops in the publications The Mending Concepts Booklet and Designing Engagements with Mending Practices.

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