Multi-Centred Worlds… out now!

As part of her Guest Professorship at the Planet Lab in 2023, and a new iteration of her projects around design and nature, Kate Fletcher has made some new work that centres a range of species published in a beautiful, open access pamphlet designed by MA Planet student Simone Aslak.  

Kate says, “In writing as tree, sheep, stone, nettle and bird, common materials used in design: timber, wool, stone, plant fibre and feathers, carry forward their gifts and surround us with intelligences other than our own. Granted, such writings are but a small step towards a life-centred worldview for design. Yet to work in this way, leading with sensory experience, is to feel these intelligences alive and close. They teach us differently to the ways many of us have been taught before. Their lessons are about appreciation, complexity and the hope and possibility of right relationship with Earth.”

Find out more about Kate here.

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