Designer Life

Designer Life

Designers, design education, and design research are currently seeking to find the feet in the societal  sustainable transitions. Since the industrial revolution, design has taken part in inducing (over)consumption and product obsolescence through the linear logic of take-make-use-and-dispose. To remedy this situation, design needs to take a paradigmatic shift towards addressing sustainability holistically, thinking and working with cultural, social, economic and environmental aspects in one and the same go.
Within this research area, we seek to  build knowledge on:

1. Ways in which designers can contribute in new as well as familiar ways towards green transitions.
2. The roles, practices and contextual competences that the future sustainability designer needs to master and/or can choose to pursue in a specialisation (creator, facilitator, educator, bridge-builder, systems developer, host etc. across public-private sectors).
3. How to educate and train for future roles, practices and contextual
competencies – the pedagogics, didactics, curricula, technologies etc. needed.
4. Approaches, tools, and methodologies to aid sustainability transformation of design education and its adjacent disciplines and economies.

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