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You’ve reached the webpage from Lab for Sustainability and Design (daily speaking: Lab for Planet) at Design School Kolding in Denmark. We’re an interdisciplinary group of researchers, designers and educators with a common objective to investigate how societal sustainable transitions can be powered by designerly ways of thinking and working.

We wish to use this as a platform for sharing – immediate thoughts, concrete experiences, ongoing and finished projects, developed tools and published material from the Lab.



The MA Design for Planet is a 2-year interdisciplinary program that explores, develops and pushes the boundaries for design for sustainability and design’s engagement within green transition.

You can find more about the program on Design School Kolding’s webpage here



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Short text on development activities
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Our four lab lives

Lab for Sustainability and Design researches, how societal sustainable transitions can be powered by designerly modes of thinking and working. We take a practice-oriented approach, meaning that we explore when, where, how and why sustainable transitions (do not) take place. And we engage in designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions, which strengthen existing or bring new sustainable ways of getting things done into being. We focus on four research areas:

1. Designer Life
2. Everyday Life
3. Organisational Life
4. Material Life

These four research areas are not to be understood as corresponding to a world out-there, neatly divided into these four areas of research. Rather, they describe intertwined ways of living, which we seek to understand better in our attempts at fostering robust and lasting sustainable transitions through design.

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